Deep Learning Application- IOT


Deep learning is a part of machine learning. it’s made up of a neural network that mimics the behavior of the human brain it can make very close predictions and decisions but is far from the accuracy of a human brain. It uses many AI applications simultaneously to improve its accuracy without the right human intervention.

Here is some application which relies on deep learning and used by us in our daily life.

Virtual assistant

These are cloud-based voice-activated application which needs the Internet to search and provide answers. It improves user experience by incorporating past searches, location data with the help of a deep learning algorithm. Some examples of a virtual assistant are Google, Siri, and Alexa.

Social media

Many social media apps use deep learning to recommend friends, post, products related to your past activities. They also improve search results and remove graphics content through the help of deep learning algorithms. Some example of social media apps which uses deep learning are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Self-driving cars

The application used in these are cars are still in the development stage but can do small works like cruise control and auto brakes when it detects someone upfront. It uses data from the camera sensors and geo-maps to navigate through traffic and improve user experience.

The use of many types of data, high computational power and improved deep neural architecture has significantly improved user experience many company uses this data to show ads and related content on social media apps and many other things in our day to day life

Deep Learning Application- IOT

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