Complete Amazon Account Setup & Management Services

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The cost for Amazon Account Setup & Management services can vary depending on several factors, including the scope of services required, the complexity of the account setup, and the service provider you choose.


Seller Drive will create SEO optimized Titles, Descriptions, Bullet Points, select the appropriate Category (Browse Node), and will list of up to 10 – 12 SKU (products)

Product Basic Content & Listing 10 Stock Keeping Unit(SKU) ₹ 15000

This package is designed for the company who wants dedicated employees for their complete Amazon account management.

Re-activate Account Suspended on Amazon ₹ 10,000

Our team will provide complete support in order to reinstate your Amazon account. however, the final decision will be taken by Amazon team.

Account Management for Amazon ₹ 10,000,

Get your Brand Protection, Basic Content & Listing, Account Health Policies & Notifications, Custom Consolidated Repor.

Manage and update Account Health Policies & Notifications on Amazon ₹ 5,000

Customer messages, Case Log management, Policy warnings, Handling Return, A-Z Claims, Inviting Positive Feedback, Manage Negative Feedback and notifications

Reimbursement Reconcile & FBA Fees on Amazon ₹ 10,000.

Our team of expert investigate all Lost and damage orders and create cases with amazon to get reimbursement.

Typically, Clients can select Amazon Account Setup & Management services including tasks such as creating and optimizing product listings, managing inventory, handling customer service inquiries, running advertising campaigns, and monitoring performance metrics. So that they can get the best price to manage their products on Amazon.

While considering the cost of these services as compared to cost, it’s essential to evaluate your requirement and the specific services for which you are hiring the expert, the level of expertise and experience of the service provider, and whether it’s a one-time fee of ₹ 45,000 or a recurring monthly charge of ₹ 8000.

Complete Amazon Account Setup & Management Services

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