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Welcome to my Digital Marketing blog. My name is Pramod kumar and I, unsurprisingly, work in the field of digital marketing. I’ve worked within the space for since the last century (2006) and I’m constantly surprised by the speed of technology progression and the explosion of creativity that comes with it.

It’s the creativity that inspires me. I love to tinker, to build, to see an idea become reality. I’m not a marketer that works on a production line. I want to play, to create useful things; I want to marry up the value to the customer with the financial goals of the business.

I want to work with intelligent, passionate people who care and enthuse about their craft. I believe strongly that we can all be artists driven by our love for what we can create and achieve.

If you really want to get a good idea about me I’d suggest clicking over to My Work Manifesto.

This blog is me sharing with you the things I have discovered or created that excite me. They make me a better marketer and I hope you can take something from them too.

So what will we talk about? Quite the range, actually. Anything that affects the digital world. I’ll likely pay particular attention to conversion testing, new technology, social media, mobile marketing, customer service, brand development, strategic and tactical marketing and many more subjects too plentiful and diverse to mention.

Feel free to get in contact through the site, either by posting a comment or using the contact form below. Where possible I’ll answer any questions you may have.

digital marketing specialist contact details

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