Frequently Asked Questions About Laptop Repair Service Center

What laptops can Laptop Repair Co. repair? :

 We repair all makes and models of laptops and notebooks. Major brands such as Sony, IBM, Dell, etc. to lesser known brands such as Compal, Quantex, Prostar, etc.

What kind of problems can you handle? :

Since we are able to perform board level repair on laptops, there is not a lot of problems we cannot handle. Of course, some systems may require a part or component that is no longer available which makes some repairs more difficult and time consuming or a part may be required which cannot be replaced. Some common problems we encounter and repair each day are blank screens, systems that don’t power on, or turn on then off, systems that cannot charge batteries, and similiar problems. We also perform simpler repairs such as keyboard replacemnts, memory upgrades, lcd replacements just to name a few. Please don’t hesitate calling us with any questions concerning the repair of your laptop.

What does board level repair mean?

It refers to being able to replace components (ie: fuses, capacitors, resitors, etc.) on a system board. This enables us to reduce the cost of repair by not having you be required to replace major components such as motherboards, lcd displays, and video boards.

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Can you guarantee you can fix my computer? 

We do repair 95% of the machines we see. However, there are some machines where we must replace a major component rather than repair the existing part due to part availability or because of extensive damage to the unit. We do our best, we are good, but not miracle workers.

What makes you qualified to repair laptops?

This company has been repairing computers since 2010. Several years ago we decided to repair laptops because we grew tired of sending the units out for repair and then getting them back unrepaired. And most of the laptops that were repaired failed within our testing before we called our customers. So we decided to repair them ourselves. With our expertise, resources, and patience, we have now been repairing laptops exclusively since 1997. We have only a handful of employees, but many years of experience. Each employee is required to have at least 15 years experience; many of which have been time spent working on laptops. We repair laptops for end users and other computer repair companies from all across the United States. We proudly display our phone number and address on each and every page for reassurance of our availability to your laptop needs.

Do you accept walk-in traffic?

We do not. We get our work from business generated from websites, printed listings, chamber of commerce listings, and most importantly, referrals. Since virtually all of our customers are outside of our state, we prefer not to have people drop by. We cannot put local work ahead of work we receive from mail. “Look at it while I wait” does not allow us to work efficiently.

Can I get a firm quote before sending in my laptop for repair? 

This is a hard question we are asked all the time. Our simple answer is no. Simply because we don’t know what is happening inside of your laptop without taking it apart. A blank screen, for example, could be caused by a bad bulb. It also could be caused by a bad inverter, bad lcd cable, or a bad mainboard. We do our best in estimates over the phone, but these are just that — estimates. Based on an average price of what it takes to repair a particular problem. So we are happy to give you an estimated price over the phone – just not a firm price.

What is your typical turn-around time for repairs?

We try to diagnose and post a result of our findings and repair cost to you within 3-4 days. We present you our findings via email, phone call and our Online Repair Status Page. Sometimes though we receive as many as 100 laptops or more in one week. This does tend to slow us down a bit and the repair quotes may take a couple more days to generate. Also slowing us down is the occational machine that has an odd problem. Once we receive authorization to repair your laptop, we try to repair the job the same day and have the testing of the repaired unit complete within the next 48 hours. Sometimes, however, we need to order a part and then we are at the mercy of our vendor or manufacturer of the laptop. This can take up to 10 days in some cases. Also, keep in mind that almost all the laptops we look at have been worked on before us. We must back track to the original problem before attempting to repair its current failure. If we have the luxury of being the first to look at your laptop, the chance of repairing your laptop within a couple days is pretty good.

What are my costs for your service? 

Of course, diagnostics is free of charge. Because of our history of being able to repair 95% of the laptops we diagnose, we don’t have to rely on diagnostic charges as some do. Secondly, you are required to cover the costs of shipping the unit back to you if you refuse a repair. We ship your laptop in our own box which has been approved by UPS and Fedex against breakage due to rough handling by their companies. Each laptop is insured and you will be required to provide a signature upon acceptance of the laptop. Lastly, the other charge is the price to actually repair your unit. If for some reason we cannot repair your unit or you refuse to authorize a repair, you will still be responsible for paying for the feight back to you. There are no exceptions here.

I am a computer expert, can I buy just the part from you? 

Yes. Although we cannot tell you what part you need, you are able to buy a part from us. We currently have over 1,000 parts availabe through secure online ordering from our website. You can access our part inventory by clicking here. If you require any other part not listed, you must send in our laptop for repair by us.

What is your warranty?

Based on our ability to fix your computer just right, Laptop Repair Co. offers the best warranty around. A six month parts and labor warranty is attached to every laptop we repair. More information on our warranty can be found here.

What are your recommended shipping instructions? 

You can get that information by clicking here. Please do not ship via United States Postal Service as we have no way to receive these boxes. Please use FedEx, UPS, or Airborne.

Will my box be returned to me?

No, we receive way too many laptops to store these boxes. All laptops will be returned using our own packaging approved by UPS.

What happens if my system fails again within the six month warranty?

Rarely do we encounter this situation, but since we are dealing with various electronic components and outside power sources, the situation could arise. If your system fails again within the six months and it shows the exact same symptom and failure we will ask that you use your original Repair Order Number and send the unit back to us for repair. There will not be any more occuring charges and you will not pay for shipping the unit back to you again. We stand firm behind our commitment to repair your computer correctly.

Can I use my own shipper number?

 For our protection and yours, we do not use any other shipper number besides ours when returning your computer.

I am a reseller, do I get any special discounts? : Absolutely. Due to the nature of the business we don’t have any fixed discounts except we price your repair at a level where it benefits both of us. We do require a faxed copy of your computer reseller’s license for proof of your reseller’s status. Once a working relationship has been established we may decide to put you on C.O.D. company check. This will be at the total decision of the owner of our company and is by no means a guarantee.

How often is the site updated? 

The parts inventory is updated daily. Everything else is updated as needed.

Are your parts marked?

 Each part we sell or use in repairing your computer carries our unique “VOIDED WARRANTY IF REMOVED” stickers and markings. Any item or warranty returned to us that has either of these items tampered with will void any and all warranties to the part or computer. Our name is not on these voided if removed stickers or stamps.

Why can’t I reach you by phone? 

We actually receive over 500 phone calls per month. If we answer all the calls we will not be able to repair any computers. Therefore, we repair computers exclusively after 2pm PST. Before this time, we are answering phones and are repairing laptops. If the phone is busy before 2pm PST, please try again as all lines are busy. By switching to these hours we find we are more efficient in repairing laptops, answering questions, and selling parts. E-mails are answered throughout the day and sometimes remotely away from the office up to the late hours of the night.

How do I order a part?

 All orders are through our secure online shopping cart, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Frequently Asked Questions About Laptop Repair Service Center
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