India Investing in Web3 in 2023

According to recent updates in technology in India  web 3.0 has bring new era of revolutions in the field of decentralization, blockchain technologies. Marathi song who are looking for token based economics.

India  cryptocurrencies  Government tax 30%

Supreme Court of India has removed the band on cryptocurrencies in 2020 and in 2023 budget government has declared that if there will be any virtual cryptocurrency it will be taxable to 30%. After the announcement of budget there are many organisation nonprofit and profit IT  companies foxing on different types of virtual currency in India. non-profit organisation like The Algorand Foundation has a major plans for users in India.

Anil kakani who is appointed as  India head of ALGO company has announced that India has potential of growth in web3 community that will help increasing of investment ecosystem.

Some facts about Web 3.0 website or application architecture

All the data are stored in open networks such as blockchain or IPFS. Data that are stored in local server or implied ised are more secure and can be accessed by admin of the user only, Even a server admin or cloud hosting company cannot accept the data

deploy blockchain plugins

Web3 Blockchain WordPress


India Investing in Web3 in 2023

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