laptop repair at home – Ranchi, Jharkhand

Laptop Repair Service Doorstep

If you require a laptop repair at your home, all you need do is either call us on +91 7209831889. Or you can visit our office or we can arrange Picked up for you at a convenient time in Ranchi Location.

We repair it as quick as possible, customer can also check their Laptop status in company website once it get repaired we deliver your repaired Laptop back to you.

We repairs on all makes and models of laptops, using our fully insured pickup/deliver your broken/faulty Laptop with a warrenty of 3 months

Most of the laptop are repaired withing 2 working days and if it take longer time then we will inform you beforehand.

Windows Motherboard repair Cost

Description Service Charge
HM chip
₹349 (Labour)
₹349 (Labour)
Shorting/Corrosion/Charging/BIOS programing/Core sec
₹349 (Labour)
Motherboard Replacement
₹349 (Labour)
All in One Motherboard
₹349 (Labour)
Gaming Motherboard
₹349 (Labour)

Windows Display Replacement Cost

Description Service Charge
Display LED – 14 inch
₹349 (Labour)
Display LCD – 14 inch
₹349 (Labour)
Display Paper – 14 inch
₹349 (Labour)
Display LED – 15.6 inch
₹349 (Labour)
Display Paper – 15.6 inch
₹349 (Labour)
Display LCD – 15.6 inch
₹349 (Labour)
Display LCD – 17.3 inch
₹349 (Labour)
Display LED – 17.3 inch
₹349 (Labour)
₹349 (Labour)
Display IPS 40 PIN
₹349 (Labour)
₹349 (Labour)
Display X360
₹349 (Labour)
Display cable
₹349 (Labour)
Laptop Panel
₹349 (Labour)

Part Sales FAQ's

What is your part sales warranty?
Each part, new or used, carries a 30-day exchange warranty for the same part if found defective. The 30-day warranty is effective immediately upon your signed confirmation of delivery. If the part is returned as a defective item, it must be returned within the same 30-day period. We do not accept returns for improperly ordered parts or part(s) no longer required. Any refused package upon delivery will be subject to a 25% restocking charge in addition to $10.00 to cover the shipping charge back to us. Shipping not refunded.

If returning a part under warranty, as stated above, you must first receive an RMA Number from us. We will not accept any parts without an RMA Number issued.

How can I order parts?
All part orders must be placed online via our secure shopping cart. We can offer assistance through email or by phone but not take orders.

Once a part has been ordered do you send a tracking number?
We have a computerized system that emails a delivery tracking number to each customer. We also have online tracking of orders by clicking the link in the menu above.

How fast do you ship a part once ordered?
We ship parts out Monday thru Thursday. If a part is ordered before 12p PST Monday through Thursday it will ship the same day. If a part is ordered Friday, Saturday, or Sunday then the part(s) will ship the following Monday. Major holidays are counted as weekends and may have a delay in shipment of your part based on our carrier’s service hours. Severe weather conditions may delay the pickup our packages for the day and would delay your part’s arrival.

What are your part(s) shipping rates?
Whether a single item is ordered or multiple items the below pricing applies:
Ground shipment … ₹50.00
Overnight shipment … ₹ 500.00

* A signature upon delivery is required on all packages, as well as, insurance against rough handling.

Do you ship internationally?
We sell and ship products only within the Ranchi, Jharkhand. No shipments will be made outside the Jharkhand.

Are your part’s pictures an accurate representation?
All pictures represent the actual part being sold. Descriptions and part numbers are as accurate as possible and list most, if not all, the numbers or identifying marks located on a particular part.

How do I know which display is inside my laptop?
We have detailed instructions on removing your laptop display.

Are your parts marked?
Yes. Each part is labeled with visible and invisible identifiying marks unique to our company.

What do the different part’s conditions mean?
>NEW : New part, never used.
>NPUL: New part removed from a system used for parts disassembly only. This part may have been used by our service department for testing of a laptop prior to packaging and therefore tested.
>PULL: Used, tested and cleaned parts.

Part Sales FAQ's

What forms of payment do you accept?
We do not accept paypal payments as we disassociate ourselves as a eBay selling company.

Do you accept walk-in traffic?
We do not.

How often is this website updated?
Updates on our parts happen in realtime. The rest of the pages are updated as needed including the laptop status page.

I have a Resale Certificate. Can I buy a part or pay for a repair without being charged sales tax?
Once a part order or a repair has been paid online, please supply a copy of your Resale Certificate to us. You must do this for each order placed.

How Secure is ordering through this site?
When you place an order with us, you will be connected to our web site through SSL using https. That means that the connection to our server from your computer has been encrypted in a way that others cannot evesdrop. When you place your order and enter the credit card number your credit card number is sent for verification check on a secure line to our bank and then encrypted using MD5 encryption if needs to be sent through email correspondence with you. This ensures that the number cannot be viewed and understood by others (human or computers). Credit card numbers will always be encrypted.

Do you sell my information to other companies?
We respect your privacy and do not sell any information regarding our customers to any third party companies.

Do you use my name and email address to spam me?
The only communication between us will be in case of trouble with your order or to send you confirmation and tracking information about your order. In no way will we be using this information to send you unsolicited spam mail.

laptop repair at home – Ranchi, Jharkhand

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