Online News Portal Website Designing Service cost

news portal website design cost ₹ 10000
News Domain NameRs. 1000*
Website HostingRs. 3000
SSL Certificate for newsRs. 900
Website ThemeRs. 800
News Mobile appRs. 5000
LogoRs. 500
Ad functionalityRs. 500
new highlight FunctionalityRs. 200
5000 subscribeRs. 2500
Ad Banner Rs. 500
Website ContentRs. 200-800/page
Live Chat FeaturesRs. 500-2000

How much does it cost to create a news website in India?

If you want to build your news portal in India, you need to invest at least ₹ 5000 for your website to launched.

Below are the necessary budget you need to spend to work perfectly.

Site Domain ₹ 1000 & Hosting ₹ 2000 Here Domain means name of your website and Hosting means a virtual space where your website file are stored. the total cost is ₹ 3000

Note The cost of a domain may vary on extensions such as .com, .in, .net, .org,
The hosting cost which we provide is a shared and if you are using cloud, dedicated server then the cost will be more.

website theme and site logo.

Website design layout is called theme you have two option either you can use CMS or you can ask develoeper to make website design layout according to your choice. If you are using wordpress theme you have two option of free and paid themes. Basic logo cost ₹ 500 and professional logo cost from ₹1500 to ₹5000.

news website design cost India ₹ 5000
Online News Portal Website Designing Service cost

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