Promotion of business through Google

Google is a search engine which crawls the web in search of new websites and when a new website is found then it indexes it to its database. When you search a keyword it goes through all it’s database and then shows you all the relevant websites, photos, etc. for that word.

Promotion of a business through google is best and most cost efficient way. It processes about 3.5 billion searches per day so it has a potential to reach a lot of people for almost a free of cost. The most preferable and cost effective way of promotion is through SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There are also many other ways which but they can cost us more.

2 Best ways to promote your business on Google

If you’re looking for the cost friendly options for promotion of your business, then these are the top 2 method for your advertisement.

How Google knows which website to show when you search for a word and how to rank them?

As I have said earlier Google crawls all over the web with the help of google bots and indexes all the new website. When it indexes a new website in its database, it analyses the website for numerous factors like which topic it’s related to, all the major keywords, quality of the article, etc. By analysing these factors it knows how to rank all the relevant content in order.

And here comes the need of SEO. When you create a website you remember these points to improve your rank in the searches

  • Use keywords – use of related keywords helps user to easily identify the product or service you’re providing. Also the use of relevant keyword helps google to know on which topic your website is related and sometimes used to rank them.
  • Regular updates – when you regularly update your website’s information, it sends positive feedback to the Google as well as to the users. It helps google to rank you and users to come back again.
  • Write useful content – When you write a content it should be useful, clear, and high quality content which is valuable to the users. Which helps users to keep interested in reading.

Google+ is like a social networking platform from Google which serves the right customer at the right time. Here you can share link, photos, promotion all at free of cost. If you have a physical store you can also share that by sharing your store’s location.

Promotion of business through Google

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