SEO expert Takes 3-4 Months to Rank your website on Google’s First page, Here’s How it cost you?

How to rank higher on Google first page

We offer SEO services and advice to have the best results in search engines like google.
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SEO stands for its acronym in English Search Engine Optimization, which means Search Engine Optimization. The search engine is a computer system that searches for files on the web, ie automatically tracking web servers through its network. The major search engines that exist today are three, with Google in the lead, followed by Bing and Yahoo. SEO or search engine optimization allows, when a person performs a search engine as indicated above, is in the first position one way or another suggestion. If, for example, a user searches for engineering and for search type keyword or keyword “App development companies” will appear on the front page companies, as search engines, may be more relevant to the user , i.e. they have worked better your SEO.

Today, it is very common for people search using Google or other similes platforms and therefore their results pages are spaces that appear absolutely necessary. Therein lays the importance of SEO: provides the ability to be more easily found by people who represent a potential interest group.

The History Of SEO

Google’s vision from the date on which it was established as a company, was to become the leading search engine worldwide. And with hard work and a lot of technology, he has succeeded. The practice of SEO has become more sophisticated as search engines improved their criteria for prioritizing results. The user issues a query by entering a keyword in the search engine and this returns an increasingly improved response. The answer or group of answers offered by the search engine is quite large but is ordered so that the first positions deal by websites or portals that are most consistent with the search criteria entered.

Initially, the factors required for a company to appear in the top positions of search results pages were not excessive. We can say that the entire operation of search engines is based on algorithms that increasingly include more factors and therefore more and are more complex. In a first stage, to appear on the front pages, enough to include the keywords with which we could look around the website, repeating several times without taking into account the context. Google’s robot tracked the web and finds many terms equal or similar to the keyword entered; he offered this suggestion on the web as a result.

For the year 2007 200 parameters were used to optimize search results on Google. But over time, other criteria such as joined, duplication of content. Many companies began to duplicate texts from sites to try to get better SEO, but what happened is that the user to search was content nonsense obviously designed with the sole purpose to be found, but not to give relevant information. This has led to major search engines strive to penalize websites with lows in the SEO score that is not helping them appear in the top positions. So duplications are avoided and the user is still most important.

Two Ways Of Understanding The SEO

Mainly there are two sets of criteria used to determine the position of a website in a search result the authority or popularity based on user experience and relevance, which is the ratio that factors of a web with the search made.

Now, to get a good search engine optimization, working from two points of view of SEO:

SEO on site: This would all SEO activities that can be performed within a website to make it more relevant to the search engine. I.e. to ensure that a site is optimized facing the motor. Some of the actions are time loading pages, the user experience, code optimization, formatting urls, optimization of keywords, etc. Everything that can be doing within the site.
SEO off site: Unlike the previous, refers to all activities that can be performed “off-site” to get better search engine rankings. The most important factors are the web links found on the Internet, either in social networks, media, etc. When the quality and number of these links are high, you can get a better position. It is for this reason that SEO as marketing activity should go hand in hand with all other actions within a global strategy: email marketing, branding, the work of social networking, web management, offline advertising and so on.

How Do Search Engines Work?

Within seconds, the engines perform several actions to give users the best options for your search. One of the tasks is tracing, which begins with a list of web addresses either from previous scans as sitemaps. The bots crawl the links to other pages, decide if the charging time is optimal, if there is updated content, whether they are new sites, etc. All this tracking helps give good search results.

The next action the engine is to include an index that tracked websites according to their content; their authority and relevance are ordered. The search engine evaluates hundreds of aspects in this step, for example, if the content includes videos, animations, if the contents are frequently updated, etc.

The third action of search engines is to apply the algorithm, a computer process that decides in milliseconds positioning. This whole process gives an ordered list of websites as search suggestions. Assigns a page rank to each and according to this, an order is generated. If on a page is not good content, a number of interesting links on social networks and pages external reference is recorded if indexing within the site is unclear, if not properly use keywords, if not offered an experience appropriate navigation, etc. the web will not have a good page rank and appear below other websites competition.

This conclusion leads to think of the two major risks of a bad SEO. On the one hand there is the risk of losing visibility as the web is down search results and wasted a great opportunity to publicize their products or services. On the other hand, there is a risk to accommodate enterprises or competitive initiatives. A company that invests in advertising, offering good products, which strives to be excellent, but that is not in the top positions of search results, not only loses scope, but it benefits your competition, derailing all his effort because when searching, no one can find first and customers (potential or actual) could be interested by another company that offers the same, even if this one does not do things as well as the first.

The Importance Of SEO

In 677 seconds time to visit briefly animated info graphic any more than 26 million searches on Google, the leading search engine in the world, serving more than one billion queries each day they are made.
More than 80% of Internet users use search engines to learn what you need to find products to mature their purchasing decisions, etc. important fact that every day rises. It is natural to think that there is a real need to have a good position in search engines.

Main Reasons For SEO In A Web

Brand image for a company, a project or any ideas, appear in the natural search ranking of search engines, is synonymous with prestige. The image that people create in their mind is strong enough that hardly changes over time and therefore is a basic factor to care.
Credibility: There is a possibility of appearing on the first page of search results paying through Adwords or Bing Ads system, etc. However, it is increasingly found that the credibility obtained through organic positioning is much higher. The effort made a mark for good content to visitors is very powerful and something that even those who do not understand SEO and marketing, appreciates above paid advertising.

Competitiveness: In the world of online business, competition is always high. It should wonder if it is desirable that the competing companies have higher positions than their own. A good SEO is synonymous with competitiveness and makes success and market leadership.

Reaching the right people: There is a possibility, if SEO is not done with awareness, an incorrect target is reached. SEO allows companies to attract traffic exactly is sought, thus reducing the rebound and improving efficiency. In addition, if the correct target is reached, the interaction on the website will be much higher and you can think of brand engagement more easily.

A simple and manageable site: Over the years, websites have been beating themselves up to a current standard that focuses on making users easy to navigate them, find what they need to find, enjoy visit, etc. SEO work is easier and this is achieved providing efficient space and adapted to today’s world.

Content: In addition to caring for the good positioning, creating SEO friendly content quality helps the company build relationships with your visitors. If a user enters once a web and find something that really attracts and / or serves, return. Recurrence increases when the content is relevant and this in turn increases the chance of having a good position in the search results. Reaching all: What is common is not exhaustive users to perform Internet searches. In fact, the most moving from the first to the second page of results.

Some Basic Actions To Improve Search Engine Rankings

It is very important to use labels as well as search engines can quickly see the category of content included in the web. Labels should be used with care; you should be used only once per page and should try to use keywords in them.
The titles of the contents of the web should be short, relevant, direct, and include keyword highlighting.

We must take very good Meta descriptions, i.e. the brief explanation of each content. Overall, a good extension for them is 160 characters.
The link building is an important part of the external or off site SEO. These include links to get own content on other sites. You have to choose the terms that you want to place and study the mechanisms to get those links. A good formula is to create partnerships with industry websites or suppliers who can be influential.

In social networks you need to have a strong activity and create through them, a good amount of links to the web, so that referenced visits to improve the SEO are generated.
Technically it is highly recommended to have periodic reviews of SEO, which is a very extensive and thorough practice. It is advisable to seek expert professional team in this field in order to properly perform these functions.

SEO expert Takes 3-4 Months to Rank your website on Google’s First page, Here’s How it cost you?

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