SEO plan & price frequently asked questions

FAQ SEO Packages Cost for Small Business

FAQ for SEO Packages Cost In India for small business
The factors which define SEO cost are Total numbers of Keywords to target, Local leads, Business listing, National or international branding and service, social media marketing. If you are hiring seo expert or agency in India to promote 10 Keyword including 1M traffic then it will cost ₹ 9000/month with free 5000 visitor Call freelancer +91 7209831889 for more details.

FAQ for SEO Packages Cost In India for startup/entrepreneurship?

faq seo packages for startup

If you are looking for affordable seo expert or agency in India to promote 5 Keyword including 50 thousands traffic then it will cost ₹ 4000/month with free 2500 visitor Call freelancer seo +91 7209831889 for more details

Why is it important to rank on first page?
Is obvious that ranking on first pages of major search engine means More traffic, money and clients. Unfortunately, statistics have shown that more than 86% of websites doesn’t see the first pages of Google and other major search engine. If your website managed to rank high, chances are that you will surely be happy with your success and the revenue you make.

How does your guaranteed SEO service work?
The first thing our expert analyst does is to analyse your website or blog to see where there are errors and what can be improved then we contact you with suggestions on what to be done before we guarantee our plan on certain keywords depending on your chosen plan. We make sure you are satisfied and also don’t miss the time we offer with keywords we guarantee to rank. In case if we don’t meet up with the task of ranking those Keywords and within the specified time, we will offer you full refund or a different alternative.

How long do I have to subscribe to your plans? Does it involve any contracts?
You have the right and the opportunity to cancel your subscription anytime you wish as far as it does not harm your SEO campaign. Understand also there are no binding contracts or agreements between both parties except for some of our larger long term clients.

I am already on first page but I need to get a higher ranking. Which plan should I choose?
If your website is already on page 1, We can create a special custom plan for your site to rank top 3 or top 5. This will be done with careful analysis for your keywords by our experts, and then you will be contacted with a proposed plan best for you.

Are there any additional charges other than the monthly fees?
Absolutely no extra charges apart from the monthly fees!

Can you help me choose the best traffic-generating keywords before I purchase?
YES! That’s part of our job to make sure we help select the best keywords for you before we commence our work.

What difference does it make choosing between your one-time and monthly plans?
There is no much difference as both SEO plans features include our high quality rich dynamic SEO features. However, those clients willing to try our services for the first time can choose the One time SEO plan and then they can upgrade to our monthly SEO plan.

Can I promote more than 10 keywords?
YES! We can handle up to 40 keywords per month. We advise you contact us for a special quote for that.

What methods of payments do you accept?
All of our payments are processed via Paypal, Payza and all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, etc) & debit cards. If you have any other alternative payment method, please contact us.

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SEO plan & price frequently asked questions

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