social media promotion

The need for more careful planning with Facebook

Basic SMM Packages 18,000 INR / 250 USDMonthlyEXCLUSIVE OF ALL TAXESAds Spend – Rs.10,000 (It will be paid to ads platform)Our Management Fee – Rs. 8,000Account Management – 2Creation Of Campaign – 1Facebook MarketingFacebook Business Manager Set UpPixel InstallationCustom Conversion CreationRemarketingCustom Audience CreationCreation Of Automated RulesFacebook Analytics Report CreationAd Campaign MonitoringCatalogue CreationDynamic Ads CreationInstant Experience […]

how to use Twitter advanced search to drive 100% more leads and business

Twitter advanced Now you can see that like many other social media platforms, Twitter is also very trending and the most used social media platform nowadays, people are also using Twitter like any other social media platform to give their views about each and everything to give their views about every business they are using, […]

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