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17 years of experience to build the perfect training system

I started my own web design business in 2008. I floundered around for months trying to figure out how to build sites effectively. And it was years before I cracked the code to getting clients and running a successful business.

Now, I can do it all in my sleep. In fact, I have been teaching web designers how to build their own profitable businesses for the last 10 years. In 2003 I started with a training course on Macromedia’s Dreamweaver program. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Over the last 10 years, a hand-picked team of experts and I have taught over 31,140 students. We’ve helped freelancers, students, local businesses, and even design teams for the big dogs like Apple, Blockbuster, AT&T, Hewlett-Packard, Merrill Lynch, Nordstrom, Dallas Cowboys, Sony, Procter & Gamble, ESPN, and Sprint (just to name a few).

When I developed this training system I had one primary objective: Help beginning web designers start making money as fast as possible. Over the next 6 weeks I will personally coach 50 students on how to build a successful web design business. – Conrad Feagin

One-on-One Coaching

Three personal coaching calls with Pramod kumar to help you reach your income goals.

Unique, one-of-a-kind training

ive classroom training provides one of the best experiences for learning. You get to interact with the instructor as well as your peers, and there are very few distractions. The downside is the cost (as much as $500/day) and the inability to learn at your own pace. Conversely, online courses are cost-effective and allow you to learn at your own pace, but often lack the support you will need. For 10 years we have been perfecting our training system so you get the benefits of classroom training, and self-paced online training, all at an affordable price.

Step-by-Step Courses

Combined written and video course training provides fast learning and quick reference.

Live Classes

Connect with expert trainers and your peers for a more complete learning experience

Expert Help

When you get stuck, contact our experts directly. No more waiting for answers on forums.

Laser focused step-by-step courses

After designing hundreds of training courses, we have learned a thing or two about what works. These web design courses are structured so you will see results quickly. We have carefully designed the courses so you won’t get bogged down. You will notice that we have a six week timeline for the courses. You have two options when going through the training: You can go at your own pace, or follow the six week path and join our weekly live Q & A sessions.

Our courses are presented with a combination of written material, screenshots, and videos. The videos are short and specific, so it’s easy to refer back to them if you need a refresher. We’ve found that this is the most effective way to train, and it accommodates everyone’s learning style. Each course also includes a homework assignment, so you can be sure you’ve truly learned and understood what you need to be successful.

Week 1

Prerequisite: Goals and Experience

• Defining your income goals
• Documenting your experience
Course: Finding and Working with Clients

• How to quickly find your first client
• Client interaction fundamentals
• Questions to ask in the client interview
Course: Introduction to Project Management

• Estimating the scope of the project
• Pricing by service
• Creating packages
• Creating a proposal
• Drafting a contract
Live Class with Q & A

Week 4

Course: Customizing the Display

• Understanding Theme Options
• Customizing the theme
Course: Adding Pages and Navigation

• Adding a new page
• Editing an existing page
• Understanding page templates
• Creating navigation menus
Live Class with Q & A

Week 2

Course: Initial Site Setup

• Basic SEO for domain selection
• Hosting/Registrar recommendations
• Installing WordPress
Course: Working with Themes

• Our favorite free resources for awesome themes
• Functionality vs. form
• How to choose the right theme for your website
• Installing the theme
Live Class with Q & A

Week 5

Course: Adding Posts and Setting Up the Blog

• Creating a new post
• Editing an existing post
• Post options
• Creating a Blog page
• Understanding snippets
Course: Adding Main Content

• Adding content to pages
• Styling page content
• Adding content to posts
• Styling post content
Live Class with Q & A

Week 3

Course: Introduction to Plugins

• Essential plugins for every site
• Finding and selecting plugins
• Installing and configuring plugins
Course: Adding Sitewide Content

• Basic WordPress settings
• Setting permalinks
• Adding a tagline
• Uploading your client’s logo
• Creating/uploading a favicon
Live Class with Q & A

Week 6

Course: Adding Images and Video

• Understanding the Media Library
• Uploading images and video from your computer
• Adding images and video to pages and posts
• Adding video via hyperlink
Course: Testing and Transferring the Site

• Testing functionality
• Testing links
• Transferring the WordPress install and database
• Testing the transferred site
Course: Introduction to Traffic Building

• Direct traffic
• Search traffic
• Referral traffic
Live Class with Q & A

Live Classes with Q & A

At the end of each week we will have a live online class to discuss that week’s topic and answer questions you may have. This is a great opportunity to interact with our expert trainers as well as other students. All live sessions will be recorded, so you can review them later if you are not able to attend a class.

Expert help when you need it

Our team of experts are available to help you when you get stuck. Since our experts have years of experience in their respective fields, they can help you resolve issues – issues that may take you hours to resolve – in short order. By leveraging our experience you can spend less time troubleshooting. This will help you complete your first project faster and get paid sooner.

Here are the areas our team of experts can help you with:

Web Designers/Developers to help you install WordPress, install themes, install and configure plugins, edit and format images, build web forms, and CSS customization
Editors to help you with website content
Copywriters to help you with sales and marketing related website copy
Marketing and Sales Experts to help you create and implement your marketing plan (see video on right)
Marketing Specialists to help you set up marketing campaigns – search engine, social media, and online ads
Business Experts to help you estimate projects, write proposals, and set up tools for project management

Personal one-on-one coaching with Pramod kumar

Hiring a coach has been the best investment I have ever made in my business. There is no substitute for having someone who has “been there and done that.” There are so many decisions to make in your business, and if you make the wrong decision it can set you back for years. You need someone who will guide you and keep you on the right track.

You will have three personal one-on-one coaching sessions with me. In session 1 we will review your income goals, discuss your biggest challenges and then create an action plan. In sessions 2 and 3 we will review your action plan, track the results and make adjustments to meet your income goals. This is my favorite part of our training system. It is not uncommon to find hidden opportunities that produce big results for my students.

The Most Unusual Guarantee

I am a results-driven business owner. I am constantly analyzing the ROI (Return On Investment) of everything in my business. I expect the same from you. You should be carefully evaluating your investment of money and time.

When I developed this training system I had one primary objective: Help beginning web designers start making money as fast as possible. That is why I have designed the courses to contain no fluff and no “technical potholes” where you will get stuck learning advanced CSS or something else that is not relevant in the early stages of your business.

Because I know my training system works, having been tested on thousands of students, I can offer an unusual guarantee. If you follow the training system and don’t get your first paying client in the first three months, I will give you a complete refund on your investment. Why would I do that? Simple. If I have the opportunity to personally coach you, I know your chance of success is very high. And on the slim chance that you don’t succeed, I will happily pay back your investment here today.

There’s one condition: To qualify for this guarantee – and to make sure you’re on track – you must complete each week’s training and be able to report your actions and results to me personally. This means that you must physically implement my advice and use the Web Design Business Bootcamp training system. Easy enough?

Start a blog and make money with AdSense – join course

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