The 10 Most Important Things You Can Do To Get You More YouTube Views

Before giving you these amazing tips, I want you to know how is YouTube ranking your videos. Knowing that will help to more easily understand and remember the important tips which will be shown later in this post.

So What are the Basics of the YouTube Page Rank?

Well, there are 4 main elements that determine your YouTube rank :

  1. Your meta tags.
  2. The Number of views the video has.
  3. The Number of positive ratings the video has.
  4. The Number of comments the video has.

The more views, comments, and ratings you have, the more you will get.

It’s like a snowball getting bigger and bigger, rolling faster and faster. But the snowball must first start rolling, and this is usually the most problematic part since it could take a lot of time.

The most important thing is to focus on giving the ball the slight push it needs to start rolling, and once you do that… it will slowly pick up momentum and grow big.

These 10 Amazing Secrets will help you create some serious MOMENTUM for your videos  :

Note: If your video sucks by your own standards, there is no purpose in promoting it because the end result will always be the same, people hating, you, your video, and your website. This can only bring short-lived success, and we don’t want that, do we?

1 ) Make Lots Of Friends

They will watch your videos, rank them and give comments,  just make sure you do the same for theirs. This is a fun thing to do because you really meet new people and make new real friends.

2 ) Create Discussions

Put some text in the end of your video.

Something like :

– Who do you think lies more, Men or Women?
– Do you think astrology is objective? (bad example I know :p)

Put something that is connected to the subject and gets you involved.
Something that will make people sign up for a YouTube account if they don’t have one – just so they can post a comment on your video

3 ) Video Responses

Make Video responses to Videos with a high ranking and many views. This element is simple and effective. You get a  part of the traffic from someone that has a similar video to yours.

4 ) Be Consistent

Add videos regularly but not too often – Do you like when you are getting spammed? I don’t think so.
So find the Sweet Spot, for me, it’s something like uploading one video every 8 days.

5 ) Be addictive

Make people want to come again and again, give them an interesting experience the first time, and they will want to relive it. This also improves the chances for them to leave a comment or a rating on your video.

6 ) Ask For people to rate and comment on your videos.

It’s simple as that, Just ask in the end of your video.

There was a quote: “Ask and You shall receive”

Say something like :
I would appreciate it very much if you left me an honest comment and rating.

7 ) Optimize your Tags

Make sure your tags are not too general. If you want big success you must have both the specific and the general tags.


The broad , general tags are really competitive but bring the most traffic (if you rank well), while the specific tags have LOW or NO competition at all (and bring considerably less traffic, but it is easier to rank well on these).

This means that we can use the specific tags to get the instant push, start with a smaller snowball and then let it roll into the general tags where it can get even more traffic making the snowball a bear-sized monster.

8 ) Optimize your YouTube channel

There are a couple of things we want to take care of.
First, there is the channel design.  Don’t just leave it to the default. Experiment with it, and find the design that really resonates with what you are presenting.

The second thing you want to do is write your author bio. Write about you or your product in detail.

If you are writing for your product then write :

  • The reasons why people need your product
  • The things it can do for them.
  • What will they lose by not getting it?
  • Why is it better than the others in the market?

If you are writing about yourself write about :

  • Your hobbies.
  • Your education.
  • Where you live.
  • Your mission, the reason why you are here.

9 ) Try software that gets YouTube views automatically.

This is the momentum-creating machine, that gives you more YouTube views automatically with a click of a button – The breakthrough in YouTube marketing! (adds 200 views per day to each video you submit)

10 ) Get In The Most Viewed

If you get there you will automatically get tons of ratings and comments back. (assuming you have a decent-quality video)

The easiest way to get here is with the Playinator and get in the most viewed category. You can even get a medal (award) from YouTube

Use this now and go produce results.

The 10 Most Important Things You Can Do To Get You More YouTube Views

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