Why Buy Youtube Views & Why Us?

Why Buy Youtube views

Buying youtube views is a very important key to improve visibility – and the key to having any successful business is visibility. The most successful businesses are the ones that people know about and can easily find online. The great thing about social media is it gives people the opportunity to increase the visibility of their business. Enter Youtube. Youtube streams over 4 billion videos each day–and that number has increased by a billion every year since 2010. That number is only going to go up. You can use Youtube to increase your online visibility, which will increase your business’s popularity, credibility, and reach. If you buy views, you can increase your brand image. Nobody wants to watch a video without any views. But if you have a significant number of views, more people will be willing to watch, and your video will get picked up by more search engines and viewed more often. And now its so easy to buy youtube views, you’ve got no excuse!

Personal use and individuals 

Having a lot of Youtube views is more than just an effective business strategy. Its a status symbol. Having a lot of Youtube views is something that most people can’t claim, and your friends will be amazed to see the increased popularity and reach of your videos. More people will start commenting on your videos because they will be inclined to click on a video with lots of views. You’ll be able to tell your friends about how many more views your page has than theirs, and you will be able to show off to everyone in your extended network. Doesn’t matter what the video is, or what its about, you can buy views for it – our service works for all types of videos!

Why Us?

You might be wondering why you should use our website instead of another site for buying Youtube views. Our site has great customer satisfaction, and our customer service team only needs your URL in order to start adding views. The views that we deliver are from real people, and aren’t from fake robots like what other websites are offering. We also offer more services, with our site you can also choose the speed at which you would like your Youtube views to be delivered. If you are interested in safe, fast, and reliable views, there is no better place on the web to get them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are the views real?
Yes, the views are 100% real from real people – coming from various social networks. We do not use bots or any automated software to deliver your views

Q2. How long after I purchase a package will I have to wait to see results?
Usually all orders are processed within 6 hours (after we receive payment) and complete shortly after (depending upon the delivery speed you choose). It can take upto 24 hours though to process your video – We first need to confirm the payments and manually review the video to make sure it is safe for Youtube, does not violate our Terms of Service or Youtube’s terms of service.

Q3. When will my order be complete?
When your order is completed will depend upon how many views you have bought, and the delivery speed you have chosen (either slow views, normal views, fast views or super fast views). For example, if you buy 5000 views, and choose ‘fast views’ for the delivery speed, your order will be complete within 24 hours – so the total time will be between 24-48 hours (including time to process your order and then complete it). But sometimes there can be delays, so please allow upto 28 days for delivery.

Q4. The view counter on my video hasn’t changed, whats going on?
It takes upto 24-48 hours to start your order, and 24 hours for the youtube conter to update – so don’t worry If your video still hasn’t received any more views after 48 hours get in touch with us (support@buy-social-media.com) and we’ll investigate further. Also, if your video is new, YouTube’s view counter usually gets frozen at 300-400 views. They will manually check your video for any artificial views. Since our service provides real human traffic, you have nothing to worry about. We also help unfreeze the counter that get stuck for months until they start to receive geunine views. For more information you can visit Google official website.

Q5. Will my videos get removed or will my account get banned?
We use 100% safe methods and real people are watching your videos – so our videos and account are 100% safe! However please note that your video must not violate YouTube’s policy against spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content. The same rule applies for unauthorised use of content such as Music or Images.

Q6. Are your views adsense safe?
NO! The video must not contain AdSense Advertisements – this is one of our terms and conditions. If you’re wandering why, its because its against adsense TOS’s to fake ad impressions

If you have any questions just email our team


buy youtube views

Why should I buy?

  • Get more credibility
  • Become more visible
  • Make a better impression
  • Draw more attention

Why are we the best?

  • Express delivery within a few minutes
  • Great customer support
  • High quality users
  • Cheap prices

What can we do for you?

  • Improve your credibility
  • Gain new followers more easily
  • Increase your exposure on Youtube.
Great service – they over delivered, the followers were high quality, order was completed very quickly and all I had to do was supply my twitter username, and sit back and relax! What more can you ask for!
Digital Guru
Absolutely awesome service! Ordered 10,000 youtube views and got more than 14,000! All views were real and I even got some likes and comments!
Why Buy Youtube Views & Why Us?

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